About Me

Wall Walking

I am a 30-something lover of telling stories and writing who happens to be mediocre at both. This little corner of the blogosphere serves to share my experiences as I fake it until I make it in this world. Life is pretty amazing and I am happy to embrace the opportunity to share my adventures and lessons along the way.

Whether it relates to unlocking life achievements, health and wellness, good food, traveling to new places, or anything random in between, I hope there is something here for everyone to want to stop and enjoy a visit!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey, I’m a friend of Marlon’s. Read a blog he wrote about you both having brunch. Read the first page of this blog. Did you make it out okay? Did you stop chasing other people’s dreams? Do you have your own again? In my mind you do. You have them clear in your hot spot. You are in the target zone. Blood and bones deep.

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