Starting Fancy Fresh

Hello Friends!

It has been nearly a year since I’ve been on the blogging circuit. There have been many ups and downs, changes for the good and the bad. It’s been an adventure to say the least and the lesson I am learning is that life is short, we only have one and we should do what makes us happy.

Up until very recently, I spent the last three and a half years crafting my life around someone else’s dream.  I thought I could make my dreams fit into his and that somewhere, it would become this fantastic thing where we would both somehow meet on this middle ground of awesomeness and have the best lives ever. But it doesn’t work that way. By spending so much time chasing his dreams, I lost sight of my own and of what I wanted. Leaving a life I’d worked so hard to build and a person I loved so dearly was, and still is, very difficult at times. However, I firmly believe the journey was all put into place as a lesson and a push into the direction I need to go to be happy and fulfilled. Leaving was hard, but it has forced me to really think about what I want for my future and the things I’m willing to let go of, and the things that I’m not willing to live without.

So from here, my new journey starts. I’m looking forward to this new adventure of being good to myself and going after what I want. I plan to write about my experiences and adventures.  I hope you join me on my journey to creating a happy, healthy, best-for-you life. It wouldn’t be the same without you! ’til next time…